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Stacy Arnold

Stacy Arnold
Was long time ago
59 y/o,
Brisbane, Australia
I am a nice and beautiful Philippian/Aussie widowed. I am honest, faithful, sincere kind, loving, caring, passionate, romantic, sexy etc, I am open minded, broadminded, understanding, easy going and lots more. I like the beach, candle light dinner, music, dance, reading and writing, movie, swimming, picnic, jogging and many more. Just contact me for more details about myself if you are serious and interested in me and no games or jokes because i am seriously looking for my love partner.
Aged between:
50-80 y/o
Friendship, Relationships, Marriage
Want to meet:
I love seeing the joy that simple thoughtful act can bring to others. I want someone who appreciates that and who also wants to to get the most out of her life. I adore hanging out with friends. I surround myself with good people, good food and good non alcoholic wine. I would like to find someone who also like to travel and to explore what the world has to offer, someone with ambition, who knows that living a healthy lifestyle helps you get more out of life. Get back to me if you are that somebody I'm looking for.
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